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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
toyota is the best in my third but their truck is ugly,chevy,dodge are all about equal.

have you ever noticed on tv shows where they are out in the jungle, or up near the north pole, or some place that is far from civilization? usually they are driving a toyota. they are just the most reliable vehicles made. that's why they use them for things like that.
Neither Toyota or Nissan offer a truck in the 250/2500 capacity. Honda? That Ridgeline could hardly be called a "truck". It has a V6 with a very very low tow rating. I'd call it a Honda accord with a truck bed.

If you're serious about moving 2 Zero Turns, multiple yards of mulch, concrete pavers/stones, a person will quickly realize that they need a medium duty 3/4 ton truck. If all someone is hauling around is one zero turn on a 12 foot trailer with a trimmer, then yea, use a small truck.

I think the poll in this thread was based on the assumption that someone was doing some heavy duty hauling.
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