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Originally Posted by oomph View Post
I'm new to the aeration business, but all these posts have been of great help.

2012 will be my first official season doing Aeration.

I read many good posts regarding the Lawn Solutions product, but now you guys have me leaning towards Turfco.

However, I have a few questions for those of you that have already taken the plunge. How responsive is service and support for your units?

Since they are a factory direct company, how do they handle warranty repairs?

One advantage to possibly holding out for a Toro/Lawn Solutions unit, would be the plethora of Toro and Exmark dealers in my area. The same applies to Plugr. I really don't know how to work on these machines myself quite yet and am waiting for parts to ship may cost me money in the long run.

What are your thoughts?
OOMPH... To begin with these units are very easy to service machines. The chain is probably the only thing you will service on the mechanical side and you can tighten them up without removing the covers. The rear cover comes off giving easy access to the tines / tine reels for cleaning and checking your tines. Tine removal is one bolt. (Quite Easy) Also you have telephone access to the Turfco Service Department 5 days a week. Parts you can order on line or by telephone. Shipping can be overnight if you want. Warranty issues are handled by the dealer of your choosing. You call Turfco and tell the service department what your problem is and they look up Turfco Servicing Dealers in your area. If these do not work for you, just tell the Service Department who you want to do the service, Turfco will call them arrange for the service and you just take the machine in. As simple as that. This has been working for us since 1999 and seems to work quite well. Any more questions you can call me direct office 520-836-8162 cell 402-432-2446
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