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Originally Posted by mkarps View Post
I have the service auto pilot demo in 1 hour, and evergreen tomorrow afternoon. I have a pdf they sent me with the screen shots and was quoted around $120 per month for evergreen which is also online based.

They sent me a pdf email with some screenshots. I'd be glad to share if you pm me your email. Honestly evergreen sounds incredibly more geared towards what I'm doing with fertilization and weed control but I'll know more after my live demo tomorrow. seems like it has every feature real green has which is what i have been using with my employer for the past 13 years including prepay letters but it also has online and mobile access which i wanted.
Thanks for the offer but I'm pretty much sold on sa. I just need to sign up. I'm holding off for a little until I have time to set everything up. I'm building my website, so I like to get the bulk of it done first as it will work with the estimating system. One of the reasons why I like sa.
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