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Originally Posted by FoghornLeghorn View Post
Neither Toyota or Nissan offer a truck in the 250/2500 capacity. Honda? That Ridgeline could hardly be called a "truck". It has a V6 with a very very low tow rating. I'd call it a Honda accord with a truck bed.

If you're serious about moving 2 Zero Turns, multiple yards of mulch, concrete pavers/stones, a person will quickly realize that they need a medium duty 3/4 ton truck. If all someone is hauling around is one zero turn on a 12 foot trailer with a trimmer, then yea, use a small truck.

I think the poll in this thread was based on the assumption that someone was doing some heavy duty hauling.
yeah i don't consider pulling a lawnmower heavy duty hauling. (even 2 of them)

we aren't in the hauling business, we are in the lawn business. you dont' need a 3/4 ton truck unless you are doing landscaping/hardscaping at the white house or something lol. every mulch/paver job i've done i was able to use my truck to haul the mulch/pavers just fine and all i have is a 4cyl.

i guess you might need a 3/4 ton truck if you do huge jobs for malls or walmart or something but if you do that you'd prolly be better off using an 18wheeler lol.

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