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We`ve got a bit of a story on the Bobcat too. The 2011 is brand new, a couple hours on it so far, set up with an 8 foot Kage system. We had a 2008 S 185, but it was a single speed that we bought used with an equipment trailer. We needed the two speed for plowing and it made sense to get something new. So the S185 was sold for what we paid for it WITH trailer, and we got the trailer for free basically. Then we sold that too and got the dump trailer, which I have no pictures of. So we ended making some money in the end and got the new skid, which is budgeted basically only for snow. Although it will be on duty when maintenance and installs start.

The little Ramrod Taskmaster was bought off a friend who has cancer, and its been handy. I stripped and repainted it as you see in the picture. I wanted it to match its big brother and I hate having junky looking equipment. Its an 18hp Briggs and Stratton engine I believe.

Sorry for going nuts with the pictures! I just got my blackberry fixed and ready to post pictures so I figured most of you lazy guys are off for the season anyway.
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