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Well a lot of the stuff is bought new from the states, and we've slowly acquired things as we go I guess. Started with a 2004 Dodge 2500 cummins and that blue 12x6 trailer. Bought a new eXmark, and Toro Recycler and some used handhelds. My dad landed a few commercial accounts and now we have 8 along with a few residentials that are bigger in size. The Red Hawk Hydro WB was purchased new but got a wicked deal. So basically the mowers were new but we did save money shopping in the states.

We bought out a local company which had 25 accounts just recently. Some equipment came with the purchase of the company like the blower, aerator and Scag, as well as the 14x7 landscape trailer.

The S185 was bought to flip and the S205 is new. The trucks are used personally so they were needed regardless, they're signed under the business insurance though. And now everything is jammed all together at home, and waiting to be used. I'm 18 by the way and have been doing all the work for this past season while my dad takes care of the business side of things. We own the company half and half, before any disputes arise. So we've built the company together, and enjoy working together. Afte finishing my Landscaping course I will be ready to take it on on my own and I really look forward to that. Living at home is a huge bonus for sure.

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