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Originally Posted by Firefly Prof. Lighting View Post
It looks nice, but there is a few too many small rocks for what I like to see in waterfeatures. A couple things I see right off the bat is the bridge is sitting high (already mentioned) and the whole stream and water course seems to be sitting only slightly lower than the surrounding ground and the rocks have been piled up to hold in the edges. Next one you do, try digging your stream deaper and only use primarily larger boulder worked into the edges and sticking up only a couple inches above the surrounding stream bank. This will allow you to use less small filler rock and you can plant some perrenials and marginal plants right down to the water which looks more natural. Might push a bit more water volume too, that's a pretty wide stream. I would target about 90-130gpm on a stream that size.

Overall not bad a water feature though. I like the creativity with the logs and bridge, (your thinking out of the Aquascape box). Best advice is to go down to a local creek or stream and study how the rocks and plants flow with the stream and how the ground is swaled out for the stream area. The Lord is by far the best landscaper ever!
You hit the nail on the head. The extra rocks are keeping the edges up. Let me explain my issue and feel free to correct me if need be. This water feature (in accordance with the design) was built backwards. By this I mean it was completely against the natural grade. So I had to build up the top of the stream quite a bit. The extra rocks are to help with any erosion or settling in the future. I couldn't raise the grade anymore around the stream b/c of a patio and a deck that aren't pictured, but are at each end of the path. This is also the reason I had to put steps up to the bridge. So what do you guys if you have to build up hill?
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