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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
when we get warmer temps it will green up quick... i wouldnt throw a bunch of stuff on the lawn to make it green...

Right on, it will take some time. Throwing fertilizer on it isn't going to speed up the process. (BTW Fertilizer is a salt that might burn the turf this time on year) As the day light hours grow longer and the ground temperature rises the Grass will green up. I have always said if you Lawn isn't super Green by Oct you are not going to get green until spring. Yes we have a year round growing season here in Florida. But it consists of a Active and Semi-Dormant growing seasons. True Professionals recognize these changes in mother nature and do PRO ACTIVE Treatments to help turf express itself to the fullest.

I can make hungry turf, green again in the winter months. But it requires a Tank Sprayer and a LOT of minor elements and fast release Nitrogen. Problem is there is a fine line between making St Augustine Green and BURNING IT.


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