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Originally Posted by supercuts View Post
i dont mean to bush your chops too bad, just a little, but whats up with the lift while cutting 6' hedges.... i hope you needed it for some tallers ones somewhere on that property!! nice setup
and I thought DSLND was for Disney Land, I wanted to see mickey!
Yes, there were taller shrubs at that property. The evergreens pictured were 7.5ft tall and 8ft wide. It was incredibly awkward and really was tough to do with the ladder. So i got the lift and was able to float on top of the shrubs and trim and I carried my hand blower and blew off what I can.

But that won't be a problem anymore, just landed the job to rip out all of those shrubs at that property (45 Yews) and re-design landscaping for the front of the building

Thanks! Lol, I've got 2DSLND on its way for the other truck, btw.

Originally Posted by Z's Lawncare View Post
my dad has the same 04 chevy except its black and it has around 140,000 im only 14 so thats what my dad drives me around in
Sweet. Its a sweet truck, love the center console vs fold down middle seat and can't beat them heated seats! Look back through my threads, I've got some pictures somewhere from when I was 14.

Here are some more pictures of the office/shop. We are preparing for the upcoming local business expo (this Saturday) so i've practically been living here it seems like.

Here is the main office area where I do all the office work and have meetings with clients and such. You can also see how I keep the business organized with all the white

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