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I used to hate the judgemental course i had to take every six months.

but it makes you think. and it always made me.

its always different in every situation. And unless you really want that on your mind for the rest of your life you wont do it.

we used to refresh the 6 different levels of "use of force"

there are so many different "tools" to use before you get to that point.
If its house or family and i am met with that force or any that i can "articulate in a court" all bets are off.

I personally like karateeee in a can, but have the others tools as needed.

buy a sensor for your vehicle. someone had a link to one they sell at home junko from dewalt? if your vehicle/trailer or whatever its on moves it sets off a remote alarm in your posession

and if our considering getting one join the nra and a gun club.

this is always a good read:
Big truck
enclosed trailer
other stuff neccesary to work

1 Desert Eagle
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