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[QUOTE=deere615;4268350]Nope nothing was changed, wrights stripe very well from the factory, I have never had any striping kit on any of my mowers

I see, but I was referring to the one that comes standard on the Stander X. This is unique to the X and is not found on Stander or Stander RH models. It's there whether you put a kit on or not. It is simply a rubber flap bolted to the back of the deck. I just picked up a stander x last week, and noticed that the striper could be adjusted to make better contact with the ground. I see yours is producing a quality cut, so you may not be interested in adjusting it. But, when the mowing season starts, I think I'm going to lower the flap on mine so it makes full contact with the turf. It should produce a more even stripe between the wheel tracks, where most mowers tend to not leave much of a stripe.
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