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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
yes the way they fit on my trailer I can squeeze the 2 21"ers past them without having to take the standers off, plus the other was a 48 so they match when mowing together. For some reason the 48s are much more popular here than 52s my dealer has and still has the same 52 stander X sitting in his showroom since spring all he just doesnt seem to sell them
It's funny how preferences vary by region. Everyone around here uses 52s and 36s primarily, but If you travel a couple hundred miles in any direction everything changes. For instance, I know in other areas 48s are more common. The same is true for brands. Wright Standers are the most popular commercial mowers around here, at least among the large companies. But if you travel to the other side of the state, nearly everyone is running Exmarks, which are rare here.

ps. Thanks for the review. I watched your videos on youtube before buying my Stander X. I really depend on people like you who post reviews and videos to help me research each time I buy equipment.
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