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Originally Posted by BigMulch View Post
I am thinking on making some extra money on selling firewood but i could not find any information on Google so i came to this website. I am thinking on starting the firewood selling business at home. I have a couple of questions.
1. Where can i get wood from
2. What equipment do i need

Not sure about the exact methods in your area, but here in Texas the best ways of gathering and selling wood comes from various sources. As far as where you can get the wood from:
1. Keep your eyes open when you're driving around and look for a patch of land being bulldozed. The folks clearing the land will usually either burn the huge tree pile in order to keep from having to rent the equipment to load the tree's into a rented dumpster, and having the dumpster picked up and disposed of. The clearing company will usually have their number posted on the property, simply take down the number, call them, ask if you can make a one day loading trip, and hope they agree. There are some companies who simply would rather burn the pile due to liability insurance of you crawling around the pile and getting hurt, but occasionally the person you speak to will give you the green light.
2. Look in your local yellow pages, Google search, or whatever directory that you use, to find any small sawmills, bandsaw millers, tree cutting services within 30 miles of your locations. Ask if they have any slabs, trash cuts, or unwanted timber that you could take off their hands for them.
3. Ask any friends or family that have hunting leases, small acreages in the country, etc. Make a weekend trip up to these places and fall a few tree's that need to be removed in order to thin the tree's canopy.

As far as what you will need, that depends on what your budget / garage holds. Starting out from scratch you will need a basic package of the following equipment:
Steel chains
Splitting Maul
With this simple set up that you can probably borrow piecemeal from family, you are only looking at spending money on travel time gasoline for your vehicle, oil-gas mix for the chainsaw, and a LOT of physical labor in order to trim the limbs, cut the tree's into 16" - 24" pieces to later be split, haul the pieces onto your trailer, then unload the wood, split the wood into 3's or 4's, and finally stack the firewood for drying. You need to think of how you plan on selling this firewood. Will you sell these as 1/2 cords (4' pallet stacked 4' high), package stacks (30 pieces for $10), or the "fill your truck bed for $xx" method?
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