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Sorry to hear that your mower broke down on you. This past friday, I bought my first commercial grade mower. It is a 2003 Toro Proline 48" gear drive walkbehind 15hp Kawasaki. I picked it up for $2795+tax, and the dealer threw in the velke for $260. I paid a grand down and dealer got the rest financed for me through a local bank for 6.25% apr. My payments are $74/month for 36 months, and I plan on paying it off early. If you can get your folks or a close family member to co-sign for you, you'll be in business. Then, make all of your payments on time and you will start establishing some good credit for yourself. You'll find that this will help you a ton in the future when you go to buy that new car or home. BTW, after owning my Toro for only 2 days, I would never go back to any homeowner-type mower. The difference in productivity is unbeliveable! Just go to the various dealers in your area and demo as many different units as possible. Pick out the ones you like best, and a friendly, helpful dealer will help you a ton in the future. I believe I've found a good friend in the dealer up the road. Best of luck to you, and I hope there is a brand new commercial mower in your future. Let us know what happens. BTW, what the guys said above about fixed deck vs. floating is true. The floaters are a lot easier to change your cutting height on. However they are noticably more expensive. If you end up with a fixed deck, just read your owner's manual and you'll figure it out. I'm working on doing that very thing right now. All it takes is practice. The manual includes a chart that shows you which spacer combos on the casters and blade spindles give you a certain cut height. Right now i'm cutting at 3" .

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