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Groundskeeper is a good program, but I wish it had additional features.

Such as a client/server model with a web interface, that allowed you to access the system from the field via ipad or android.

Also a customer portal or something could be cool, so that you have a clear communication with your customer and interfaces billing for them.

The closest thing to it that I've seen is Lawnaid, but it does a poor job implementing billing and has paypal as the only option. Some customers just don't use paypal, nor do they have the patience or time to register and make a paypal account. Also, I wasn't very impressed with Lawnaids customer support. I've been using the trial this past week and emailed a few questions without much of a response.

They don't have a support number, where you can talk with someone or anything.

Lastly, I don't like the software as a service model. Perhaps that's the network engineer in me. I don't like relying on someone else to secure my data and my customers data. How do I know they won't sell it and market it? How can i be assured that they follow all the correct steps in securing their web servers?

Personally, I'd rather host a small client/server application on my fios connection. Interface with it remotely via SSL ( the same encryption one uses online for banking), and restrict further access to it via my firewall.

At least this way, I have more control over my data and the security of my customers data.

I know that not everyone thinks this way, nor is everyone technically capable of implementing it. However, it's easier than you think.

This company looks like they offer something like that:

However, it's not specifically geared towards the lawn care industry.

Which doesn't mean it can't be used for that purpose. I'm going to check the price and features out. However, if there is one thing that I've learned about software is that if they don't show you the price on their website, it's usually expensive.
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