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Originally Posted by FerrisDiesel View Post
Wow, I thought Mike and Ben were just joking at first, guess not. Let's try and all be civil on here ok? This is a great opportunity for us to do some networking, so things like lowballing and backstabbing don't happen, agreed?
The last thing I want is to take work from another company, unless the customer absolutely refuses to use them. Maybe that's just me, but I think there is alot of work out there for all of us. I know when I put an ad on CL I get emails constantly, some I don't have time to respond to. It would be nice to be able to send those emails and phone calls to LCO's in their respected district.

Anyways, looks like we got a few members on here now, pretty frickin exciting! Let's keep spreading the word and figure out a date for this bash!
Agreed, agreed, agreed - the ability to work together out weights everything.
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