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If someone steals my ****, I have insurance. So be it. They obviously needed it more than I did that day.

I would not shoot someone stealing my stuff. Causing harm to me or my family is different, but not theft.

Most people stealing are desperate people. They are stealing because they have hit bad times, or perhaps for drugs. Either way, they are desperate and need HELP, not to be shot. Go to prison, sure! But 90% of the people stealing weed whackers and lawnmowers are just desperate. Those people stealing heavy machinery, etc... are usually desperate people working for organized crime.

Personally, the chance of shooting someone and finding out it was a father of X and he was trying to get money for his kids medication. Or perhaps someone severely addicted wth nobody in their life to help them get help, is too great. I wouldn't sleep right after that. I would rather they go to jail, get the help and support they need.

But in Canada we don't have to worry about that choice, you simply can't shoot them.
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