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I know some one that jumped into this big time were talking $400,000 worth first season. Course then infighting in the company tore it apart but it was interesting what a salesmen/lawyer could do as apposed to one of us. He had sales like 18 18 wheeler loads to Christmas tree stores. They did the bundles which sells for closer to 500 a cord instead of the 200-250 and no they did not season the wood that takes to long. They had a kiln instead and used the waste wood to dry the fire wood. And it does in a couple hours what it would take a year to do sitting out side.

I have considered this but reached the conclusion that these is no real money in this on the smaller scale. After expenses your looking at 100 a cord income if that now say you managed to do 100 cords that's only $10,000 hardly worth the effort. And that takes up a lot of space now if you were a tree guy and not a landscaper this is a great combo you get paid for the logs you remove. But as a landscaper your more likely going to be paying 50 dollars a cords for green logs and then waiting for it to season.
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