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Hey All!
Yeah I was thinking maybe a meet and drink, go over some networking. I personally want to get my applicators license, but if Mike already has his than maybe it's easier and cheaper to have him do my apps........stuff like that. I would really love to do these meetings on a quartely basis, I mean seriously, who doesn't like going out for a few beers with the guys.

Ralph, I like the idea of the directory. Basic contanct info, parts of the state you work in and services you provide would be great. I don't have a problem giving work to you guys, the only thing I worry about is the type of situation Mike and Ben are in. Give someone work and then they try and steal customers is not cool.

As far as the meet and drink, we should do it before Spring has Sprung! Im thinking the end of March, maybe do something in southern RI, Caseys in Wakefield is nice.........Then the next meeting we could work our way closer North for our LCO Brothers up there. I eventually think it would be great if we had enough "Members" we could use that to our advantage of purchasing materials or equipment at lower prices?
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Rhode Island Lawncare/Landscapers Networking Thread
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