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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
I've never done it, just seen the results. It could be that results are different further north, I honestly don't know. Based on what I have seen here, I don't think I'd recommend it. Don't believe it makes sense to introduce what I consider to be non-desirable grasses into a pedigree St. Augustine lawn.

We've had really good success so far with a good IPM program and timely slow release fertilizer applications.

As far as painting the lawn is concerned... really?

Again, it's just my opinion; I'm not trying to jam it down anybodies throat.
I seeded mine the other day - in 7 days I will know what I need to recover if any - I went pretty light overall - the areas where there was crabgrass that died - I went a little heavier in those wholes. We will see.

I think the biggest issue to be concerned about is the thickness of the application - to much will take resource from the SA for sure - a light overseed however will just add a hint of color. As far as long term effects - there should be none - it will die as soon as the weather gets warm again and it shall not return.

Painting I have not seen up close and personal where I appreciated it yet. I maybe able to be changed from that point of view - but for me - the cost of rye will be a heck of a lot cheaper and the results will last a lot longer.
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