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I'm bringing this back up to the top. Starting to look into some better software. Have QX and QB. QX has been fine for scheduling, but I want a lot more. I am impressed with what I see from Hindsite (HS). I want my techs to be able to enter all the info into a device and have it sync back to an office computer with QB. I'm tired of taking all their hand written sales receipts, work orders to be turned into invoices, and overall chicken scratched notes.
Jobber - I will look at your software later as well. If the HS rep can chime in, it would be worth it as well. I'll look more at the Fieldone too.

Looking for input from those that use HS. Hopefully I can get Jim to chime back in on this, as he started the thread. So I have a few questions.
What devices are you using in the field to enter the info and have it sync back? Laptop? Smartphones? Tablets, Blackberry? other PDA? I don't even know what they support, but will talk with them soon to find out.
Has it been as easy as you anticipated? How about for a technology challenged person? Both my employees are not computer gurus at all, and one tech doesn't even own one or any kind of smartphone.
How many employees use this within the company? Has it been worth it for everybody?
Hangup I have is the same for Jim - cost. $495 set up fee ($200 off from using EARN from Ewing), plus 3 techs = almost $300 a month, plus cost of 3 handheld devices, plus data plan for 3 devices. That adds up for a small company. But it prevents me from having to take all the paperwork for three of us from each day - which can be 10-45 homes a day - and enter it all into QB, which can be late at night, early mornings, or Saturday/Sundays. I have no office support, so that is when I can take care of it all. I still may look into office help as well though.

Little more feedback if possible. Thanks.
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