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Worth every penny!!!

Saves and makes you money in places you never even thought of before. Get with the owner of Hindsite and have him do a remote demo, I was sold within the first 10 minutes.

You CANNOT use a free product and expect the same results. HS has come along way since we started 4 years ago. My techs log EVERYTHING they do and I cannot tell how many times I have used Hindsite to back up or save our ass! Yes the techs have to enter the data, but that is pretty easy to control when it comes down to them doing it right or they hit the road. All of my techs are good, and they LOVE the HS.

If a tech runs into a difficult to locate shut off, they enter that location in the site notes for the next tech. Each tech can also look up the history of the customer, so if they are trying to trouble shoot something, they can what work the previous tech performed and know not to waste time doing it again.

We also have notes for dogs, gate codes, garage codes, equipment locations, if a battery operated valve is on site, whether their is an automatic fill off the mainline for the swimming pool or water feature etc.

With almost 2500 customers, it saves us days of invoicing each week easily!!!!!
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