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Tad, I'll have to find out but I think they just put the pond in for natures sake. As he likes to hunt, hike, etc etc. I'll put in some kind of drain system for insurance. Even if I drain the pond and it DOES not pump water I'm still worried about runoff and other water getting under the liner and creating pressure.

Turner, can you send me the info on the liner? Locally we have both poly liners that Tad mentioned. 45 mil wouldn't be to bad for this project weighing 1500#, but lake liners are half the weight and a 1/3 cheaper.

What type of soil do you guy's suggest for the covering of the liner? A sandy loam, or just native soil without any objects of course? Any kind of soil test need to be addressed?

I knew with this project I would have to look at it differently, that's why I'm asking my peers.
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