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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
Fieldone is supporting Windows Mobile devices and just added Android support but the Android app is still a little light on features. I'm hoping it gets to the point that I can replace the laptops with Android tablets soon. Of course, then printing invoices becomes a challenge but I could always just tell customers we're a green company and only email them now.
I was also trying to figure out the sales receipt on site for the customer. I really don't want mobile printers in each truck. I'm wondering if in HS, the techs can enter an invoice, and email it to the customer. Maybe show the customer on the device the invoice, but email so they have a hard copy. With using the SquareUp credit card device, I can send a receipt to a customers email or phone if they get texts. Personally, I am hoping I can do all of my own stuff from my Android phone.
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