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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
What kind of devices are they using in the field to enter the data?
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We use Verizon Netbooks that are running 3/4G connections. You do not need to run the data plans and we did not until this past year. One of your guys can always find a place with free WiFi to sync if you make changes.

The office and service manager prefer the ability to send messages and make changes to the schedule. Plus, each time the "time in" and "time out" it updates the schedule and shows the office where each tech is located. This helps to see if a tech is running behind or ahead of schedule allowing the office to make better decisions.

We have spent a lot of time setting up our HS. For winterizations, we have it set up to where the tech enters the amount of zones, connections, pumps etc and it automatically calculates the total. The office then just has to review the invoice in QB and it gets emailed out. This was so much easier and allowed the office to bill 100 plus invoices a day in about an hour or so.

You can also put assessments into place. When the tech is completing the work order it may say, "Does the customer have an operational rain gauge" Yes or No, then it will ask, "Did you talk to the customer about this and try to sell them a new unit?"

Based on the answer, this can go on the invoice along with a price just in case the customer was not available at the time of service. I guess there are other options based on some of the OP's comments, so look into them as well. This is our experience with HS and we like the support that we get from HS, so we are rarely shut down.
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