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Divorced, starting buisness for extra money.

Hello everyone. I am recently divorced. I am a union electrician and child support and alimony just about kill my primary paycheck. I funded a landscape buisness with a brother in law a few years back and want to restart it on my own. I have most of the equipment necessary, 1987 C70 Chevy dump, 17' enclosed box trailer, 48" hydro mower, string trimmers, 1991 F350 crew cab 4x4 diesel, 6 ton tag trailer, most of the basics.

My plan is to get all of the equipment up to snuff as I advirtize during Jan, Feb, and Mar. I plan on using flyers, buisness cards and some radio if I can swing the expense. If I get a few spring mulch jobs and cleanups I will go solo or with a helper after my 7-3:30 job. I'm guessing up to a dozen lawns I may be able to handle after work and on Saturday. If things explode and a hundred lawns come up, a crew , more trucks will come along and I will go into paperwork and equipment maintenence mode. I have a plow for both trucks and have work lined up for those. My brother owns a nursery and sells all the annuals and perinneals I could need. He also sells mulch and screened top soil, and has a laydown area available and I can get rid of my debris there.

I really would like to afford a Kubota M59 and persue the type of work that the tractor would allow me to do. An enclosed cab for winter snow removal will be a must.

I am plenty able to weld, repair and maintain anything I own. Don't let me being union electrician fool you, I don't stand around drinking coffee all day, I promise I am 38 years old and have been working since I was 9, grew up working at a christmas tree farm, clamming and cutting firewood. I owned a cable tv buisness at the age of 18 and have been an electrician since I was 20.

Now that you know a bit about me, please tell me your comments, anything I am missing? Thanks in advance,

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