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Originally Posted by gusbuster View Post
I am very lucky then I guess. When I have my kids, i just pay for them, food, clothes ect.... I could of having to give her half interest in my business of (30 years been in the trade since 8 years) n my half interest in my house.

I hate her guts and try to shove it to her anytime i can....

The work you do, is it going to be under the table. How are you going to keep it away from her. What if she finds out?
Right now my major expenses are auto insurance, cell phone and fuel, those will become buisness expenses, freeing up whats left of my current paycheck. I will pay myself minimum wage and work a couple of hours a week on the books. I don't think she will take me back to court for her cut of $15 a week. Even if she does, I gotta do something. I just am not cutting it with the amount I am left with. If the buisness makes money, it will go back into the buisness. I would say its reasonable that most buisnesses do not make any huge profits early on anyhow. We lost our house to forclosure as our marriage went down the toilet. With that my 24x36 detatched garage, storage and everything else was lost as well. I am definitely not the guy who will accept living in an efficiency apartment so this is my attempt to get some where. She hasn't taken my two hands or my desire to suceed
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