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There is something you can do to help your larger equipment like mowers. Part of the problem with ethanol enhanced fuels is it eats rubber. If you're having a problem with it eating your fuel lines you can do one of 2 things.

1: Buy high quality, American made, fuel injection hose. These hoses are made to resist the alcohol. They do a much better job of it than a regular hose and a much better job than a Chinese manufactured hose.

2: You can use an even better hose than that though. I've been using EFI nylon fuel line when I can. It is a hard nylon tubing. It's inside size is .275" or slightly larger than 1/4". You have to heat it up to bend it into the shape you want and to slip it over fuel fittings. I've had no failures of this line so far and it's good for at least 20 years or so. You can buy it here:

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