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Any reason I can't use a dimmer on MR16 lamps?


My client wants lights down from a balcony onto a water feature on the other side of the pool. I'm going to use a couple of 75w features (I forget the model number - they're Vista, composite, 75w max MR16) with cool blue lenses to light it up blue.

I was at the store picking up some zip ties and stuff and got to looking at the electrical stuff and the thought occurred to me - why not put a dimmer on each of the 75w fixtures so they can be attenuated to suit the uh, mood of the situation by the pool... know what I mean?

Help me out. Should I go buy a couple of dimmer switches, one for each fixture? (Each fixture is going to run on its own 12v circuit off the transformer.) Or is there a downside that would be a show stopper?

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