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Originally Posted by MegaViper View Post
I offer $65 a month for straight lots, and $75 for corner lots and I'm not getting anything. How do you guys stay in business with $4 a gallon of gas?

Honestly, existing customers. Ones I have had for many years pay the bills. I don't even actively advertise at this point because I know how cut-throat it is out there right now. I see people quoting the same monthly prices, or even lower than I was charging in 1986. I let the decent ones come to me via word of mouth. If they got my number it's a fairly reasonable assumption that they got it from one of my existing customers. Therefore they kind of know what to expect.

More power to you, but I can't imagine starting from scratch right now. It seems that the worse the area was impacted by the housing bubble and foreclosures, the farther the prices of lawn care have been driven down. The worst part, people will be so used to getting those kind of prices they will not recover for many years. These people move too. When they do they contaminate other areas with the idea the guy doing the work should pay them for the privilege of working for them. Around here, so far, prices are down. But the real low prices seem to be isolated to certain subdivisions. The ones hardest hit by foreclosure. I won't even go near them.
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