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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
The pins that are attached to your trimmer shafts are BACKWARDS. Look at the instructions or pictures on their website. That would cause a lot of stress on the one upright that has the trimmer heads locked on it, the one that broke. It's not getting any support from the other upright! My point is, I've got my money on operator error, not equipment failure here.
you are right. i did reverse the shaft pins to make it faster to load and unload. mayby it had something to do with it or maybey not. i still think the cast iron is very thin, and where and how it broke right above the weld really bothers me. yeah i can weld it back together. i can add braces to strengthen it. i can only put two trimmers on it .but i paid alot of money for this three trimmer rack. i dont think it is worth taking another chance or doing all that extra work. i did enjoy using it untill it broke.
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