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The best way to promote your website?

Hello All,

I am not a landscape professional - Instead, I help service businesses improve marketing and sales results.

I am currently researching THREE WEBSITE QUESTIONS and thought this forum might be a good place to start. I hope the answers are valuable for everyone:

1. What do you hope/know to be the main benefit of a website for your business?

Attracting leads
Converting prospects into clients (portfolio)
Reducing client service costs (posting terms of service, next cut date, etc.)

2. How can businesses that serve a relatively limited geography best promote their services via the internet?

Online Yellow pages?
Community sites?
Chamber of commerce links?

3. Given that good referrals are often the life-blood of most service businesses, have you been able to use the internet to help spread good "Word of Mouth"?

I am sure hard numbers would also be greatly appreciated by other members: (ie: "we usually get around 60 requests for estimates via the website in a year. That results in about 20 sales. Around 15 of them are for lawn care, the rest are for landscaping")


M. Ian Bowman
Bowman Business Development
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