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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

You should of done your "Do Diligence." You missed the boat by moving to the wrong area of Florida. You went just a tad too far South and should have stopped in Northern Sarasota County instead of Charlotte. Do a Simple Demographic comparison and your mistake should be very apparent. Sarasota has the second highest disposable income per capita in Florida only after Collier county. However cost of living in Sarasota is lower than Collier so Sarasota County is the best area for Income to cost of living ratio. Charlotte County has the LOWEST income per capita of the Coastal Counties. Poor Charlotte is just that POOR or a Broke area. Just look at the number of house you can buy for $ 30 & $ 40 K. Anywhere else they are 150 K or more.

Ya but we bought a nice 4 bed 4 bath for $41k. No more house payments and it's a nice area. My wife has a job at the mall and I will eventually pick up 20-30 monthly accounts or more. It will be ok. Maybe this area will bounce back 5-10 years. I'm just thrilled to be away from Indianapolis. We sold our house there for $110k and I can't believe it. I'm so happy to be out of the home loan and used the equity to buy this house and lawn equipment. It's just a matter of time. I might get into real estate in a couple of years when it starts turning around. I've always been around it with my mothers rental homes and such working on them over the years and maintaining the lawns. We sold them off for the estate after she passed away.
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