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Originally Posted by torotorotoro View Post
when you put your trimmers in the back of your truck things get placed on them and it always seemed that i was digging them out for a minute or two,sometimes they would get broken. i have had guys slam handhold blower down and snap off the spark plugs. throttle cabels will get pulled out when caught on another trimmer.three trimmers a, stick edger,two hand held blowers, and a few gas cans are alot to have in the back of your truck. but i would take these minor setbacks if it ment i would get my three trimmers back.
There are other options beside putting them in the back of a truck....

The Extreme trimmer rack are nice and all but to get them to work properly without destroying themselves or the equipment that is placed in them seems like a lot of work or expense.

The TrimmerTrap racks and others like them are a whole lot easier to work with and significatly cheaper. The huge drawback with them is they aren't nearly as secure as the Extreme racks.

As many really smart people as we have here at Lawnsite and we put up with this nonsense? There has got to be a better way.

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