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Looking for something new and different in the greens industry years ago I began offering Landscape and Architectural lighting as an adjunct to my existing and 20 plus year( well established) greens industry business. I muddled along for a while and had a lot of on the job-training, some good some not so good. I then made a conscious decision that the only way to perfect this trade to be serious about what I do and do it seriously!!!
I turned to the AOLP, attended a conference, and made a stab at the CLVLT exam. I felt confident that having worked with low voltage for twenty years and having a low voltage electrical license that this certification would not be a challenge. As is sometimes the case I was wrong, missed two sections and had realized I had not prepared myself properly. Upon my return home I started to read and study everything I could get my hands on pertaining to Architectural and Landscape Lighting. Sold my interest in my business to two of my employees (16 people working in the business at the time) and never looked back!! Next time I had the opportunity to take the CLVLT exam I passed and joined the CLVLT committee. I wanted to contribute and I felt that there were parts of the study guide and exam that could be changed and improved upon .This allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the most dedicated and sincere people who are very serious about what they do and do it very well. For you procrastinators out there, LIKE MYSELF, you still have time to take the 2012 CLVLT exam and most importantly time left to sign up for the AOLP conference. The investment in the conference and the CLVLT exam will pay you back many times over if you are serious about what you do and want to do it better!!!!
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