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Originally Posted by LibertyFarmLandscaping View Post
Depends on how many miles you run, hilly or flat terrain, how much weight your pulling, are you hooking to other heavier loads besides mowers (eg:tractor, mini ex, etc).
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no mainly 18 ft trailer with one sometimes two ztrs and 3 walk behinds. sometimes three pallets of sod but never overload the 7K# trailer load. On weekends pull a boat but nothing too big. I do pull bobcat in winter when doing snow removal but so far this year no snow in oklahoma.

I'm really thinking of doing one 4x4 diesel truck to do main work out of and getting an extended cab to pull spray rig trailer with. But I have given thought to putting a bed sprayer in too and worry that might be too much load for a v-8 to pull two tanks with.

Mainly I am looking to get out of having a nice truck that I am beating the **** out of so want to get a couple cheap work trucks but like the guy above wrote in about diesels you gotta buy and mod or you've got a moneysucker on your hands
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