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Oh, forgot to add:

We constantly get emails from people that work on websites offering all kinds of great ways to design and redesign sites.

Could care less. Its our intention to exclude bells, whistles, gadgets and little cartoon mowing men, etc..

PICTURES SPEAK LOUDLY. We do not want anything that detracts from the photos that we put on our site.

Every page, even our contact page, will eventually have at least one photo, but a dozen or more on some pages, the ones that our counter shows to be the most popular.

We offer advice pages for self-service people. If we can't work for them, then we will let them tell people where they get sound advice. So every flyer lists that.

Before, maybe 1 person in 50 will call from a flyer. Since all the flyer could offer was work for cash. So I'd imagine 49 flyers got tossed.

But if every flyer offers free advice, many of the 49 can keep it or our name on hand.

So the advice is a subtle long-term name propagation method.
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