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Originally Posted by billslawn89 View Post
ya, just figure out which piece of equipment you get to do this and can it be used else where. When I first started some 20 years ago, I bought one of those crapsman vacuums like the billy goat with the hose attachment on it and it didn't work for my situation. It was easier to just blow the leaves from the beds into the lawn and use the mower, so that piece of equipment just sat in the barn until I sold it. Thats why I suggested the hand held vac. Sorta same situation. You know your situation so you'd pick the right one. Good Luck and let us know what you got!
Yea, I def. want something good. I need to shed time off this property and the leaves eat up a good amount of time. When I say a lot of leaves, it is a lot of leaves. There is a 80-100' tree right next to the property that is almost done shedding so you can imagine all the leaves. Plus, the awabuki, hibiscus, big fichus trees,etc. shed all the time.

I also have other properties with live and laurel oaks that are shedding like crazy right now. It is def. a tool that will get a lot of use.
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