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Well the class was great, learned a few new things right away. My teacher is a woman, which is kind of odd. She works for the city as a landscape designer, she has her horticultural license, as well as her arborist and design licenses. She seems to know what she's talking about. I learned about the zoning for plant materials in our general area which is 5a to 6b. Apparently those zones are different in the states, your numbers are one higher than ours in Canada. I never knew anything about that. The textbook has given me some great idea's with design as well as meeting with clients.

Heres an idea that I thought was neat, something I never thought of before. When planning a design for a landscape, its obviously important to speak with the clients about their requirements, needs and wants. One point was to go inside their home, and look out the windows. Ask them what they want to see? Is there something they want to cover? (maybe some out outdoor plumbing or an air conditioner?) I've always looked at a landscape from the outside, rather than from the inside looking out.
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