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Remove and Replace Railroad Ties

I have a customer that wants me to remove and replace Railroad Ties. Roughly about 50 ties are needed for job. I really don't even know where to start at estimating this job labor? Dump fee? What dump will take old ties and price?

I am sure that I will be re-leveling ground and preparing site for re-install of ties. Making cuts for dead mans and custom length ties and driving spikes.I am thinking 3 days to do this job with 2 guys and myself doing some of the work.

I know the pricing jobs is relative to how much you want to make. I just want to be in the right ballpark to get the work. I also don't want to be kicking myself in the ass during the job because of low bid!

For some reason I can not add photos to this post or I would.

I have myself and two other guys to pay.
Any tips or thoughts would be great!

50 ties@$12.50 with tax = $676.57
1-box 50lbs of 12inch spikes @$60 with tax= $64.95
Labor and Dump fee to remove old material = ?
Labor to re-install new ties = ?
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