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Wow, glad I stumbled onto this one! For the record Texas law (and castle doctrine) do not allow you to "shoot first and ask questions later to protect all of your property. You may protect your Home, or dwelling and in some states your vehicle if you are in it. You CANNOT just shoot someone for breaking in your car. Call your prosecutors office. Don't believe me, have fun in jail or in a million dollar civil suit. Was it worth it over a wallet, a mower or a truck?

I am for very justice in gun laws, that is to say carry what you want, be a responsible citizen. Criminals will commit crime. They will buy guns, find guns or steal guns. The most important part of the issue to me is it is in no way just, constitutional, or right to take away a mans right to defend himself, his family or others in any situation with the common means of the day (first the fist then the rock then the sword now the gun).

Indiana has been very gun friendly and has even let off some idiots who behaved borderline recklessly because they were defending themselves or their property. Ask any cop worth his salt and they will tell you most criminals understand one thing, speedy violent force. In the areas of our town where the citizens responsibly answer criminals with it. Crime moves on and those areas get safer. In areas where people do not or "wait for the professionals" they keep getting robbed.

I carry a gun every day, but will only use it to defend my well being or that of someone around me. As for the guy breaking into my car, if I walked up behind him and I thought I could get the drop I would tell him Turn around and stand down I am prepared to defend myself. He would probably run and I would only be able to give the description to the cops. But he probably would pick a different truck (or different county) next time he broke into a vehicle

just my .02

Oh and to the guys saying "I'd shoot his arse" I hope you have at least taken some high stress training/gun fighting classes. It's not as easy as it is at the range on a sunny 70 degree day. It is VERY difficult to shoot under stress. You will not rise to the occasion you will default to your training (if any). But hey I am for your right to defend yourself either way!

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