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Everyone seems to really love sap. I signed up two days ago and am having a horrible time- keep getting timed out, freezes, etc. I have spent 12+ hours just trying to get basic set up done. Based on my experience, I would drop it today, but there has been a lot of positive feedback about it. I love everything they have to offer, and am willing to spend the money, but can't do it if it works like this. Is anyone else having problems with it lately? I've called twice- the first guy said their server was running a little slow and it will be better in a couple weeks! The next guy said the same, but that they would have it fixed within the day. Not so much.

On another note- I noticed that you can use their estimating form in your own website- what about the client portal? Does anyone know if you MUST use their website to have that feature? I've spent too much time on my website to change it into a cookie cutter version of everyone else's!
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