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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
and t/g will do it for 4 cents,

and then add to my location on the NJ border and need to service NY and NJ where you can take all those fees and add $100 for the applicator and $200 for the business and if I recall it was $50 for the fertilizer plus the recertification for the applicator license.

It boils down to just another tax on the legit business owner, I keep calling for them to chase down the illegals but alas, they came right out and said that I am easier to find, they can go thru my records and storage and truck and they would need to catch the illegal red handed in the act. I will have to pay the fines or lose my license and the illegal wont ever pay because they dont have any recourse.

Pisses me off because if someone robbed a house and they didnt catch them in the act they would do some investigation to find the perp. Basically, the unlicensed guy is stealing from me and the NY DEC POLICE will not investigate, only try to catch them in the act if they are close enough to get there in time.

I called 6 times this past summer and they did not investigate once, matter of fact they did not even return my last 2 calls. But a disgruntled customer that I fired called and claimed I didnt give a full label to her for the applications that she didnt pay for....boy they were on MY sh!t fast.....

Rant over, ,,,, maybe, this crap pisses me off bad.
Sometimes, rants are necessary. This really got me sick to my stomach from the stress and aggravation. No joke, had to stop at CVS while just out to get a bottle of Maalox and Tums.
ANYHOW. I think I'm going to to do the same thing. I'm going to take pictures and report. But I'm going to take it a step further. I'm going to take the time to educate the applicator, (thereby letting them know I'm going to report them), and I'm going to inform the homeowner. If they're not there, I'm going to leave a "letter of intent" I'll call it for now, letting them know what the deal is. Not going to leave a business card with the homeowner, no way going to solicate business, (they'll see it on the truck anyway), just going to educate.

I won't do anything behind somebody's back that I won't do to their face.
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