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I am running the stock blades. It feels like the mower is under stress in thick grass but it still gives a decent cut with no visible clippings . Blowout doesnt seem to bother me unless going around a pool deck and hearing the grass in pool complaints. Now that oak leaves are getting ready to drop is when I threaten to pull the kit as it wont lift the leaves to chop them up. The john deere I have is excellent in thick grass but again not much better with oak leaves. The 36 exmark I replaced with the wright did it all not as smooth as the deere in thick grass but not bad either and it preformed the best with the leaves. I tried the wavy exmark blades on the wright and it took the load off the machine but the cut wasnt as good so Im back to stock blades. I wouldnt say its worthless as I still use it. After 12+ years with dedicated mulch kits its hard to go back to discharge. Even though it sucks with leaves I have only had one complaint and lost job because of it. I have other issues with my wright but I left them out and will only say check to see that the bolts holding your motor on have a lock washer mine did not and the extra stress with the mulch kit almost caused my motor to fall off. lost 3 bolts and there was no washer on fourth.
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