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Originally Posted by ProMo View Post
mainly bolts without lock washers. The control platform whatever its called lost two bolts and could have lost control of machine and as with engine bolts there was no warning . I looked at a freinds new machine(75hrs ) he had the same issue. The engine life is shortened due to blowout and location of air filter as well as stress dealing with improper flow of mulch kit. Also have a cut issue on one side that looks like one side higher than other yet it shows when going back and forth and its only were the right side meets on each pass. In my 30 years this is the best mower concept but has given me the worst reliability.
Thanks for the heads up I will def look at that. I have 350 hrs on mine(it's a 2008) and have had zero issues. I think cut quality when discharging is great, I am just disappointed with the mulching. In thick grass I just get too much blowout. I have used the stock blades and wavy exmarks. I think there is a little less with the wavys but not much. The plate leaves the dry clumps in the lawn so I have to go back and blow it out more than I would like. I guess there is just no such thing as the perfect machine.
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