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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post

I have been trying to find the best setup to mulch. I have done a block-off plate with gators and full mulch kit with the stock Wright blades and the wavy exmarks.

The problems:
Plate-leaves the line on the side in growing season.

I use one spacer on top of the blade during growing season. The mower is a 36" Fixed Deck Wright Stander.

Anyone have any special tricks so I can get rid of these problems? Thanks in advance.

FYI-I am cutting healthy vigorous St. Augustine lawns weekly.
I run a hustler XR7 with mulch kit and don't have a prob with thick St Aug. I do not like the wavy blades or notched. I just use a med or high lift with good results.

The spacer on top of the blade is probably contributing to the blow out. Try it without it. Why do you use a spacer?
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