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Need Advice On New Lawn Equip To Get!!!

I am currently new to Lawn Site, and I am looking forward to any advice anyone would like to give me. Thanks

I recently had a Echo blower model 500 stolen and some echo trimmers ( don't remember model )

I am going to replace trimmers with same trimmers, but I am thinking about upgrading blowers.

I am looking at the Shindaiwa 854 and 802. I noticed the 854 is a 4 hybrid engine. What does that mean? Which one is more productive/reliable?
Also, are the stihl 600 Magnums better or same as shindaiwa?

Thanks for any advice on blowers

Also I am looking to upgrade push mowers. I currently have a 36 belt drive commercial scag that has worked perfect for me. I had the 400 dollar honda that you can get at home depot and the gears went out on me (self propelled no longer works). Now I'm looking at commercial push mowers.

I was reading some on this website and it seemed to me that exmark, toro, and snapper.

Does toro make exmark now?

I was reading some of the specs on the mowers, and I can not tell much of a difference. I was looking for some advice on which mowers are the most reliable? I have 40 residential accounts that I mow (use scag for 12-15). Others I push. Couple have big hills but thats it.

Of the commercial push mowers which one does the best job? I usually bag but sometimes mulch grass

Thanks for any advice you might have.
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