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Originally Posted by SmokeyBacon View Post
Your sig says you have an 8x20 trailer?
Yes, I share it with my grandfather. He uses it way more than I do. It is a flat deck, and we used to use it for our atv's. -Mike

Originally Posted by Durabird02 View Post
It's pretty amazing to see stuff like this these day. Most of todays kids are stuck to their iPhones in there bedroom or on the couch. I really hope you continue on your path to success and continue to take your business seriously. I can tell from your pictures that this is a passion for you or you would not take the time to stripe the yards. A lot of people are out just to make a buck, and they don't care what the grass looks like. Keep up the good work, and let your parent's know they have raised you the right way!
Thanks, I really apprectiate the support! I love mowing and working outdoors I guess it's just my passion! Thanks - Mike
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