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Did a landscape job a couple years ago. It was for a contractor working on the same large job we were doing. We were doing strip and remove, excavator, grading, landscaping, etc...

His daughter was getting married at their house and they needed the landscaping down ASAP.

I did the job. It was basic, river rock, trees, plants, drainage, sod, peagravel, etc... Easy couple days... you would think.

His wife was very specific on the plants. She wanted to come to the nursery and pick out all the flowers, etc... no problem. Only took 4 hours. (imagine shopping with your wife only WORSE) There is no man bench to sit on at the nursery and wait.

Got all the trees, delivered them. They were being installed between a deck and a fence so they had to be maneuvered by hand. Then they would be in. She would like them. Be happy. The next day she wanted them rotated a bit one way. Because of the leaf coverage. Then 4 hours later, back to where they are.

The same thing for the plants, the decorative grass, etc... HUGE ORDEAL. Spent more time moving stuff around than planting. Lets try it here, lets try it there.

A 3 day job, took 4-5 days. It was an hour away. I did it for time + material, so wasn't losing money, but not really making profit. Was doing a few jobs with this guy, so was hoping would lead to more construction work.

Finally, got finished, gave her a bill.

1 week.
2 week.
3 week.
4 week.

Still no money. Their wedding was coming up soon. They kept having excuses. Money is coming. Blah. Blah. I knew he was tight, the big job we were doing was slow paying too. But things were tight for me as well.

Finally had enough. Showed up one day with machines on the trailer, told them we were removing everything we installed. There wedding was that week.

Funny, they found their cheque book and paid right away.
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