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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
During the spring, it could be more than 15 minutes to clean up the mud and dirt (yes DIRT). And we've had times where we've cleaned and cleaned and it still looked not so desireable.

I tell my guys we need to make a good impression for the neighbors.

I used to have a power sweeper for the skid steer. Mainly for doing construction cleanup on large jobs. Can usually pick up a few side jobs in the area if I have a machine parked in a busy construction zone. The sweeper paid for itself several times over. Also did a few parking lots for commercial accounts. Have a guy blow out the corners, and curbs with a leaf blower and the skidsteer did the rest.

Now I wish I had it for landscape jobs. It's an extra thing to put on the trailer, but you can scrub the roads clean quicker than a laborer can figure out which way to hold the broom.
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